Our winter weather was pretty wimpy from November until mid January, but things have really changed to what we normally see this time of year.

winter 1-26-19

Now that’s more like January in Michigan!

My original plan for my camping trip to southern Arizona called for leaving and heading south on Monday, 1/28, but that changed in a hurry when I saw Monday’s weather report this morning:  4 – 8 inches of snow with frigid temperatures. Those don’t sound like fun driving conditions so I plan to leave Sunday afternoon, before Monday’s snow and after giving them time to clean up the highway after Saturday night’s forecast of 4 inches or so! It’s not an ideal “window”, but I’ll take what I can get at this point. My planned route will take me south of here in a hurry to Indianapolis and into the western corner of Kentucky. Hopefully, that will let me outrun snowfall but cold temperatures look poised to affect all areas even into Arkansas. Given a choice, I’ll take the cold before snowfall any day I need to travel.

Thankfully, I’ve gathered my supplies and equipment, packed containers and a small suitcase so I can load up the truck quickly and head out of Dodge. Unfortunately, as I write this our Internet is down…perfect timing. I hope I can get this posted prior to heading out tomorrow. If not, I’ll post occasional entries as time and the availability of wi-fi connections permit.