Pretty? No, probably not. But when you’re surrounded by mountains and your closest neighbor is at least 200 yards away, that has it’s own type of beauty about it.

Quartzsite Arizona is THE epitome of BLM camping. The Bureau of Land Management oversees MILLIONS of acres of land, most of which is within eleven states in the western U.S. Should you care to camp within these areas, you can camp free for up to 14 days. Then, you need to move on at least 25 miles away if you want to camp free at another free spot. Not a bad deal at all.

Of course, the BLM areas have no amenities like water, electricity, rest rooms or showers, this is “boondocking” at its finest! You can’t even find a trash receptacle, but hey…it’s free.

So, Abby and I will spend the next few days boondocking and report back on our experience. Stick with us, it may be fun!