Late last summer, I was camping in Sault Saint Marie in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and our neighbor approached saying, “I really like your yurt”. “My what? “ I replied. Truly confused by his statement.

He says, “ your yurt”. Ah, you mean my TENT, I responded.

Yurt at The Soo 2018

Well it was at that point I realized I was camping in something special…to some folks at least.

I love my tent, er…yurt. It gives me room and why not? The six sides are 11-1/2 feet across and the top is 93 inches high. That, my friends is a huge area to camp within. I have a large cot, a 4-foot table, a chair, a porta potty, and another chair when the weather is bad. Not bad at all. And all that can be put up in less than a half hour. Really, setting it up is very easy.

So I’ll continue loving my YURT  and enjoying the space it provides . Speaking of which…goodnight all…sleep tight.